Miniature Nissan Car Washes Help Engineers Test Paint


Things are getting wet and wild at the Nissan Technical Center North America in Farmington Hills, Michigan. That is to say; test engineers are using a rather unconventional method to test new Nissan paint. The method? Miniature car washes.

Mini Car Washes Help Improve Nissan Paint Quality

Nissan engineers are using mini, scaled-down automatic car washes to see how new Nissan paint samples hold up to real-world conditions, which for many new Nissan drivers, include automatic car washes. These washes often can abrade paint, so by using them to test paint condition, Nissan engineers have a better idea of how paint samples will hold up to real-scale car washes.

In addition to the car washes, Nissan engineers are using an additional contaminant on scaled-down Nissan die-cast model cars. The contaminant they use is a dirt called "Arizona Test Dirt," and it is applied to paint samples while the miniature car wash runs to give engineers an idea of how real world dirt, grime, and debris affect paint condition.

Color That Lasts

The end result of all of the above testing is better Nissan paint that lasts longer and looks better over time. It's not just one type of paint that engineers test, either. On the contrary, engineers test every new Nissan shade before giving it the go-ahead for production.

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