The Importance of Air Filters

The most commonly overlooked parts of a vehicle are the air filters, but they are always in use while you are driving. At County Line Nissan, we want to make sure you know exactly what the air filters do, and why you should change them both to get the most comfort and best performance from your vehicle. When you decide that you need replacement filters, we will be here to help.

Cabin Filter

This is one of the lesser known parts for your vehicle, but it is very important. If you appreciate having clean air and the best functioning heating, cooling, and venting systems for you and your passengers, you will need to make sure the cabin filter is clean. When it gets too dirty or old, the air that you are breathing can be dusty, or the wrong temperature, and you will not be as comfortable when you are on the road.

Engine Filter

The engine filter helps to filter particles from the engine so that it can perform its best. If the wrong things get into your engine they can cause harm, hurt performance, and make for an unpleasant experience. Changing this filter is a good step to making sure your engine won't need a costly repair.

Servicing your Filters

Every vehicle is different, and you should consult a service expert about the timing of your replacements, but the general guidelines put cabin filter replacements at every year, and engine filter replacements at 30,000 miles. Our team will be glad to help you keep your vehicle in the best condition, providing the filter replacements, oil changes, and everything else for your vehicle. We encourage you to come and visit us soon so that we can get you started.

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