There are a lot of ways in which your tires are the most important part of your car. You can have the most powerful engine in the world, a suite of top-of-the-line features, and a vehicle designed to handle anything. If it doesn't have tires, it's little better than an expensive paperweight.

That’s why taking care of your tires is so essential. Tires that are properly cared for will last longer, perform better, and keep you safer. One the simplest things you can do to keep them in good shape? Keep them properly inflated.

For many drivers, unfortunately, that can be easier said than done. Even if you have a lot of experience, it can be hard to know if you've filled your tires when you stop at an air pump. That's why Nissan decided to introduce the Easy-Fill Alert system.

Available in an array of new Nissan models, Easy-Fill Alert eliminates the guesswork that can come with filling your tires. How does it work? You just follow these simple steps:

  • Park your Nissan car and apple the parking.
  • Put the car in park and leave the ignition in the "on" position while turning off the engine.
  • If you start filling your tires, the car's exterior lights will flash to confirm that Easy-Fill is working.
  • When your tires reach their correct pressure level, the horn will honk.
  • If you overfill, the horn will honk again, and the car's hazard lights will flash three times.

Easy-Fill Tire Alert takes a task that makes many drivers anxious and transforms it into something simple and breezy. To learn more about this great feature, drop us a line at County Line Nissan. Our team of sales experts would be happy to run you through the new Nissan models that come equipped with Easy-Fill Tire Alert.

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