Now that summer is in full swing, it's a good time to think about bringing your Nissan vehicle in for a service appointment. Summer can be a hard time on vehicles and it's important to ensure that yours is performing at the highest level before you embark on your next summer getaway. From oil changes to making sure your tires are in the right condition, if you need Nissan servicing and repairs in Danbury, we encourage you to visit our service center to have them all taken care of quickly and conveniently. To help you understand what your vehicle may need this summer, we're going to highlight some summer service tips that you can do at home or have our technicians take care of for you.

Change Your Oil

If you're nearing the recommended mileage interval for an oil change, it's better to get it done now than wait until the exact mileage. The summer temperatures can cause your motor oil to get thin, which will in turn allow it to flow freely through the oil filter which can make your engine dirty. Rather than deal with engine issues, we suggest getting your oil changed in the beginning of the summer.

Change Your Windshield Wipers

It might not be at the top of your list, but the condition of your windshield wipers is vital to your experience behind the wheel. Rain can come unexpectedly in Danbury during the summer, and if your wipers are broken or leaving streaks, it can be dangerous to you and others. Changing your wipers is easy and only takes a minute.

Make Sure Fluids are Topped Off

Your vehicle has many different fluids that allow it to perform correctly and at the highest level. It's important to ensure that these fluids are clean and topped off, including coolant, power steering, transmission, and even windshield washer fluid.

Schedule a Service Appointment Online Today

If you're in need of summer auto service, we encourage you to schedule a service appointment online or join us at County Line Nissan in our service center today.

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