Common Financing Questions, Answered

Investing in a new vehicle can be a big decision. There is a lot of money that goes into this process. Not only do you need to think about the price of a vehicle, but you also need to plan ahead for the ongoing maintenance, repairs, fuel and insurance that is needed. If you’re going to need a loan to purchase your vehicle, it’s a good idea to sit down with one of our staff members at County Line Nissan. We can answer questions that you have about our various loan products.

Interest Rates

Each loan comes with its own interest rate. This rate is usually determined by the market and your credit score. You’ll want to look closely at the interest rate that is being proposed to you. This number determines how much more money you’ll be paying on top of the automobile amount.

Penalties and Fees

Paying off your loan ahead of time is helpful. You’ll save a lot of money on interest. However, some banks and loans will charge you a penalty for paying things off ahead of time. Check to see if there’s any penalty for pre-payment or paying things off early.

The Term of the Loan

Taking out a loan will require you to pay it back within a certain amount of time. This term can be anywhere from one year to five years.

Price of the Vehicle

You can use a number of options to decrease the overall price of a vehicle. County Line Nissan offers a number of rebates and discounts to people in the Middlebury, CT area. There’s also your trade-in to consider and the potential for negotiations.

Refundable Deposit

Some dealerships allow you to place a deposit down on a vehicle so it will be held for you. Check to see if that amount will be returned to you if you decide that you no longer want to purchase the vehicle.

If you would like more information on how you can finance a vehicle, stop down to County Line Nissan. We’re happy to work with whatever your budget is so we can find a vehicle that works for you. We have a number of financial products that are fantastic options.