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Rear Door Alert to Be a Standard Feature on All Nissan Four-Door Models

Recently, Nissan reported that their Rear Door Alert Technology will be offered as a standard feature on more models, which should help cut down on potential heatstroke episodes. Developed by two Nissan engineers who also happened to be mothers, this technology reminds drivers to check their rear seats for objects or passengers when they get out of their Nissan vehicle. While other automakers may have similar technologies, Nissan is the first to implement a series of distinctive honks as the alert for this kind of feature.



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Discover Certified Pre-Owned Nissan Vehicles and Their Benefits


Here at County Line Nissan, drivers have the power of choice as we carry many different options. If you're seeking a Nissan model, and want something that is like-new, but provides standout savings, that's where our collection of certified pre-owned Nissan vehicles give you a chance to get that best of both worlds and benefit in many ways.


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See The Features on the New Nissan Kicks

Here at County Line Nissan, we're all getting excited about a new vehicle coming to our showroom. It's the Nissan Kicks, a small crossover that is going to provide drivers a compact option along with standout utility to add to our already impressive roster of crossovers and SUVs. We're positive it's going to make a good impression, and that's because it has a plethora of features drivers in Middlebury, CT will like!


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All Your OEM Nissan Parts and Accessories Are Right Here at County Line Nissan's Part Center!

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Do you love your Nissan model? Like more than the average driver in the areas of Middlebury? If so, you know not to install flimsy and unreliable parts and accessories on your car, truck or SUV investment. But! If you should ever find yourself in need of a replacement car part or you're looking to enhance your performance or levels of comfort with accessories or quality car parts and components, we have all your needs right here at County Line Nissan in Middlebury,

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The 2018 Nissan Murano: Powerful, Efficient and Safe

The mid-size SUV segment is not one that's lacking for options. For many people, in fact, mid-size SUVs represent the perfect combination of size, power, and comfort. Popular as they are, a wide range of automakers have offer vehicles aimed at claiming their own slice of that market's pie. How do you stand out in that kind of competition? You build an SUV like the 2018 Nissan Murano.

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